The Advanced Way To Connect Piping


Pipe Coupler Features

Breakthrough Metal to Metal Sealing Technology

Mitigate non-scheduled shutdowns with Palliser’s Advanced Sealing Technology and eliminate leading edge wear in abrasive services.

Ideal for thermal cycle applications where bolt re-tightening due to leaks is an issue.

  • Metal to metal primary seal
  • Streamline bore
  • No increase in turbulance
  • Eliminate CCO requirements in adjacent downstream piping
  • Optional secondary seal
  • Four bolt coupler for steel and lined pipe
  • ANSI Class 150 – 4500

Why Palliser Pipe Couplers

Palliser’s Advanced Pipe Coupler Sealing Technology

  • ANSI Classes 150 – 4500
  • Mitigate non-schedule shutdowns
  • Fast verifiable visual assembly
  • Eliminates leading edge erosion
  • Two independent metal seals
  • A static connection
  • Large moment capacity
  • Tolerant of larger pipe misalignment during assembly
  • Replaces conventional couplers and ANSI flanges – 30″ ANSI flange uses 28 bolts – Palliser Coupler© utilizes only 4 bolts (86% fewer bolts)

Technical Information

Palliser Coupler©

All Palliser Couplers are available with spray on liners for corrosive services.

  • ANSI Class 150 – 4500
  • ANSI Class 150 MAWP 285 psi
  • ANSI Class 300 MAWP 740 psi
  • ANSI Class 150 L (Urathane lined pipe)
  • ANSI Class 150 R (rubber pipe/hose)
  • ANSI Class 300 L (Urathane lined pipe)
  • ANSI Class 300 R (rubber pipe/hose)
  • ANSI Class 900-4500

High pressure; High temperature & B31.3 Category M Media Materials to suit service conditions contact: 1-403-830-5672

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