Why Palliser Pipe Couplers

Palliser’s Advanced Pipe Coupler Sealing Technology

  • ANSI Classes 150 – 4500
  • Mitigate non-schedule shutdowns
  • Fast verifiable visual assembly
  • Eliminates leading edge erosion
  • Two independent metal seals
  • A static connection
  • Large moment capacity
  • Tolerant of larger pipe misalignment during assembly
  • Replaces conventional couplers and ANSI flanges – 30″ ANSI flange uses 28 bolts – Palliser Coupler© utilizes only 4 bolts (86% fewer bolts)

Why operations specify Palliser Coupler©

  • Streamline bore without any gap between the pipe joint.
  • Withstand thermal cycles without bolt re-tightening.
  • No increase in turbulence across the connection as with conventional connectors. Increased turbulence causes leading edge wear in the downstream piping and premature pipe failure.
  • The Palliser Coupler© eliminates the need for costly overlays.
  • Palliser Couplers seal metal to metal, face to face.
  • An optional secondary seal is available to further protect your personnel and the environment.
  • Couplers are rated to full ANSI Class specifications Class 150 – 4500.

Palliser delivers

  • Innovative design
  • In-house engineering
  • Extensive testing
  • Fast & easy installation
  • Low installation cost
  • Lower operating cost
  • ANSI class 150 – 4500
  • Made in Canada

The only four bolt coupler with two independent seals.

The Advanced Way to Connect Piping©

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