Palliser Presents at MARIOS Workshop

Palliser is Presenting at MARIOS Semi-Annual Workshop in Calgary November 4/5. The following is a summary of the Palliser presentation.

Oilsands operations encounter four distinct operational problems:

  • Leading edge wear in piping.
  • System leakage during start-up.
  • Reliance upon one sealing mechanism at pipe joints.
  • Unscheduled shutdowns due to seal failure especially in Category M service.

Palliser reviewed the designs of conventional pipe joint systems and designed a new coupler based on those findings.

  • Palliser couplers have a streamline bore with no gap in the pipe joint thus eliminating leading edge wear.
  • Palliser couplers can be used with steel; fiberglass or lined pipe and hose.
  • Palliser 4-bolt couplers are designed to maintain joint integrity throughout thermal gradients. Joint make-up is fool proof.
  • Palliser couplers have two seals which are not exposed to the media. The primary seal is metal to metal at the bore and a secondary seal with a different failure mode.
  • The Palliser coupler design allows for an instrument to confirm the integrity of the primary seal. In the event of primary seal failure, maintenance can be planned ahead.
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