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Mitigate non-scheduled shutdowns with Palliser’s Advanced Pipe Coupler Sealing Technology

Through consultation with operations engineers and field personnel it was determined that coupler reliability in both cyclic thermal and abrasive services required a new advanced coupler design.

The high pressure 4-bolt connector introduced in the mid 1950’s was an improvement over flanged connections due to its 4 bolt convenience over multi-bolt ANSI flanges.

Many knock-offs entered the market virtually identical to the original boosting to be “inter-changeable”. Unfortunately, if you have problems with one, you will experience the same problems with the knock-offs.

Three design flaws with conventional 4-bolt couplers:

  1. Seal ring is exposed to the media.
  2. Turbulence in the sealing area causes erosion within the coupler and in the downstream piping.
  3. Uncontrolled make-up results in coupler leaks and bolt re-tightening.

Plus the pipe must be “spread” in-order to remove a valve or pipe spool due to clearance needed for seal ring removal.

Palliser Coupler© Advanced Sealing Technology provides your solution:

  1. Integral sealing surface. There is No seal ring!
  2. Streamline bore. Face to face/metal to metal sealing. Coupler and pipe bores are the same size.  No increased turbulence.
  3. Visual verifiable assembly without guess work. Bolting faces contact, the assembly is complete.

Plus Your piping does not require “spreading” to remove a valve or pipe spool from your system as there is no seal ring!

Palliser has engineered a coupler designed to perform in the most demanding thermal cycles or abrasive services. Our couplers are tested through a full range of quality assurance and durability tests at every phase of the design and manufacturing process.

Palliser has designed a pipe coupler with the environment and the safety of your personnel in mind. It is the only 4 bolt coupler available that has an optional secondary seal with a different fail mode.  With Lined systems there are 3 independent seals.  This is especially important in sensitive environmental areas such as water/wetland crossings where failure would be extremely costly.

Our shareholders are engaged with the Oil and Gas; Refining; mining and process industries for over 50 years. This knowledgeable team ensures the highest quality product standards are being maintained at all times.  Palliser designs for your success.

Palliser engineered an Advanced Pipe Coupler Sealing Technology that addresses industry needs and is changing the way maintenance is scheduled and  piping is designed while saving you, the end-user, money on both your Capex and Opex budgets.

The Advanced Way to Connect Piping©

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